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Fazhan - 3. Zen and Jia
Zen was laying on his couch and looking at the ceiling. The ceiling was a mosaic of oranges and reds and greens, it was hypnotising. He heard his name called and looked to where the voice had come from. It was Alt, he sat on the other couch and leaned back, spreading his arms on the back of the couch.
- "I just came back from seeing Lin." Alt said, Zen smiled.
- "Did you come here to brag?" He said, Alt rolled his eyes.
- "Do I have to remind you that Lin was in love with you before she ever even noticed me?" He said annoyed. Zen grinned.
- "But she ended up noticing.. Smart girls do." Zen said and looked back at the mosaic ceiling.
- "Lovely Zen, is that why you're single? Because anyone who's interested in you is being dumb?" Alt said in a mocking poor baby tone. Zen rolled his eyes and looked at his friend.
- "Oh please, do I look like I lack self-esteem? I'm not with any girl because I enjoy solitude." Zen teased. Alt lifted an eyebrow.
- "Solitude my ass." He said. Zen laughe
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Fazhan - 2. Jia
Jia woke up when the sun had yet to light the sky. She'd never had an easy sleep, but it embarrassed her to admit the reason for her early waking was nerves. Or rather that she dreaded it. Today was election day. She would be elected to a squad and trained to fight. And truth was, from the pick of squads she had, she didn't want any. She got up from the bed and the sensors lit a faint blue light in the ceiling. She put her sweatpants, sports training bra and trainers on and went out for a run, tying her long black and green hair up in a pony tail. She went down the twirling stairs and out the door into the dark lit outside.
The moons illuminated the town with a faint red light. It made the town seem soaked in blood. She ran along the main street and out to the forest at the edge of the town. A forest nobody dared to enter. Jia had often wondered why that was, the forest was home to many creatures but if you ignored them, they did a splendid job at ignoring you back. The forest was
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Fazhan - 1. Zen
Have you ever seen a flower live through a battle? It's a rare thing. The earth is soaked in blood, the corpses lay one on top of the other hardly letting any space in between them. Every form of life extinguished. And yet in the midst of all that and against all odds, a small, beautiful flower stands, slightly moving with the breeze. A battle has been lived here, a battle that strong and trained men and women have fought and died, and yet a small untrained flower survived. Perhaps it's because of it's strength that these flowers seem the most beautiful of all.
Zen smiled when he saw it, he ran to it and kneeled down, and for quite some time, while his men and women picked up the dead and buried them, he just stared at it. It was a green flower this time. It shone bright in the midst of all that darkness. It hadn't even bloomed and already it was so strong. It's petals wrapped tight one against the other, it's brown branch rooted strongly to the floor. Zen touched the flower with
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Lin colour by Ratiola Lin colour :iconratiola:Ratiola 0 0 Dun by Ratiola Dun :iconratiola:Ratiola 0 0 Lin by Ratiola Lin :iconratiola:Ratiola 0 0 Alt by Ratiola Alt :iconratiola:Ratiola 1 0 Zen by Ratiola Zen :iconratiola:Ratiola 1 0 Jia by Ratiola Jia :iconratiola:Ratiola 1 0 Jia and Zen by Ratiola Jia and Zen :iconratiola:Ratiola 1 0
What destiny has been brought upon me. I tried to outrun it. Or so I told myself. But this new destiny that I had not chosen, a destiny that so many thought unsuited to me, has given me myself. And so, the running has stopped.
I was 14 when the war was declared. A war I knew nothing about. The news of such war meant many things to different people. In my village war was nothing but a disgraceful event that brought misery and hunger to our lands. Took away people's sons, husbands and fathers, leaving the hard work of a sunny day to women and children with hands unused to such tasks. It only meant crops would rot without being sold, money would be taken but not paid, and the overall awareness of death in the air. Sad eyes, grey hairs and wrinkles a common look. Tired mothers, lonely lovers, helpless children. And yet, with all the misery in the air, the women and children of my village, didn't desist in my ostracism, making sure no person would give me a hand to hold or a bread to chew o
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Rat by Ratiola Rat :iconratiola:Ratiola 0 0 Lucius and Alexis by Ratiola Lucius and Alexis :iconratiola:Ratiola 0 0


Crow Color Pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuS Crow Color Pencil Drawing :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 3,734 168 Commision for Syrazel by ryky Commision for Syrazel :iconryky:ryky 2,174 42 The Sad Princess by nati The Sad Princess :iconnati:nati 707 60 Lush by nati Lush :iconnati:nati 981 40 Oh Deer by CynicalButter Oh Deer :iconcynicalbutter:CynicalButter 986 155 Dipped in Gold by Lucky978 Dipped in Gold :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,005 36 Fantasy Raven Design by Lucky978 Fantasy Raven Design :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,553 52 #70 In the Dark of the Night by Picolo-kun #70 In the Dark of the Night :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 2,626 154 #80 Familiar Black Cat by Picolo-kun #80 Familiar Black Cat :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 3,473 246 Three foxes by Kate-FoX Three foxes :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 1,685 64 Lina by haryarti Lina :iconharyarti:haryarti 7,832 238 high_vision_wip. by Lady2 high_vision_wip. :iconlady2:Lady2 2,787 260 sign_of_death_wip. by Lady2 sign_of_death_wip. :iconlady2:Lady2 2,037 105 FSR - Kiss by Furihime FSR - Kiss :iconfurihime:Furihime 606 60 HS Sketch Commission batch - 2 by Furihime HS Sketch Commission batch - 2 :iconfurihime:Furihime 959 37


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I write quite a lot of things and as I write I suddenly feel like drawing, I'm going to post most of what I draw and some of what I write. 

I've already published two chapters of Fazhan! Enjoy! 




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